Team Coaching

Individual coaching is a very powerful way to help someone think about issues that affect individual performance and well-being. In companies, just focusing on the individual and what is happening internally, is only part of the picture. Effective executive coaching addresses not only the individual but also the systems of which he is a part of. Individual sustainable changes can often only be achieved if the system around them also changes to support and reinforce new behaviours, priorities and ways of thinking.

Research shows that in the corporate world, individual performance is deeply dependent on the team environment as aspects such as cooperation, harmony, positive conflict, belonging, safety, etc., play a preponderant role where it matters most - RESULTS

Our team coaching model helps the team


  •  Know and appreciate the individual behavioural style

  • Understand how behavioural tendencies affect the group and its outcome

  • Understand the different behavioural styles and how to interact effectively

  • Help the team identify conflict zones and how to manage them effectively

  • Reveal how things are done in the team

  • Reveal what is beneath the surface - feelings, fears, yearnings and expectations

  • Highlight and celebrate diversity to increase creativity

  • Reinforce everyone's responsibility in building solutions and results

  • Create greater synergy by clarifying roles and responsibilities without eliminating positive competitiveness

Benefits of Team Coaching:

  •  Improve collaboration

  • Clarifies common objectives

  • Harmonizes the differences

  • Promotes greater understanding

  • Resolve negative conflicts

  • Increases Productivity

  • Reduces stress

  • Reduces turnover rates

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