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Setting the stage for freedom and satisfaction

Have you noticed that despite best efforts, the majority of people keep on getting the same result, year over year, and sometimes (i would even say all the time) the harder they try the more they get the same results? Maybe that is happening to you also, isn't that frustrating? I use to be like that some years back.

More than ninety percent of the population are only able to experiment five to ten percent of change in results - ultimately they get frustrated and give up.

What is holding these hardworking and smart people in the same results? What is keeping people with money issues to chronically be creating situations that keep them in the same results? what is keeping people with debt issued to always be attracting debt? what is keeping people with relationships or weight issues to always fall into the same trap? I will tell you what it is, its PARADIGMS!


They are multitude of habits that control our behavior and make us think and act in the same manner over and over again without conscious awareness. Its like a program that has been buried deep down in the subconscious mind that has almost exclusive control over our habitual behavior. And more than 90% of our behavior is habitual - we eat the same food, we watch the same TV channels, we hang around with the same people, we speak in the same way, we wear the same style of cloths, we eat at the same time, we follow the same routine when we wake up in the morning, and worst, WE THINK THE SAME SAY, therefore WE ACT THE SAME WAY.

and that give us the same RESULTS! Why?

because that routine affects our Perception, our creativity, our use of time, our effectiveness, our logic and ultimately our ability to make money and live a life of freedom and satisfactions. Its like a mental prison to which you cannot escape unless you know you are in there, and you know how to get out of it. I want to help you do just that.


Lets go back to the time when you were a little baby, you perhaps grew up in a home with your family, and that family spoke a certain language, eat a specific type of food, had a routine, had a way of communicating to each other (may be they were laud or whisperers), they had a certain level of income, etc. You were watching all that and because a baby cannot differentiate wrong from right, whatever was going on became your REALITY. And those important first seven years your programing was happening. Now if you have not done anything to change that programing, you are much like them. Most people live replicas of those first years of life for the rest of their lives. I want to invite you to go back and re-look at what environment you grew up in and what you have replicated. For more than 90% of people here what it is...

  • if they were poor, you continue to live in poverty ( you may even have some money but the mentality if of poverty) perhaps you allow yourself to live in scarcity because you fear for the rainy days

  • if they were entrepreneurs, you most likely have gone the same route. You may even have a job, but you also look for other ways of generating income, you developed that type of mindset

  • if they were readers, you also have a stuck of books that you read every now and then

  • If they loved TV, now in your adult life, you probably look at it as a necessity and if you have a good job you own more than 1 set

  • If they use to speak of debt, you find it very easy to attract debt, there is always something happening that demands you to borrow money

  • and on and on and on!


WELL, first its important to understand that this is not a disease that will kill you, its just a situation that will lock your potential, no matter what level of education you get, you will remain stuck in that rat, manifesting the same results over and over again, if you don't do anything about it. The second aspect is that you can’t change your paradigm with self-will alone. In fact, there are only two ways to do it.

Emotional impact. That is when something hits you so hard that your life will never be the same again. It’s usually of a negative nature, but it can also be something that is positive. The second way which I highly recommend because you are in full control of the situation is

through repetition of ideas - this is the way the paradigm was formed in the first place, you were exposed to the same situation over and over again until it became your mental programing. Now repetition is about exposing yourself to a new idea over and over again with the goal of replacing an old belief that is in your subconscious mind. For example if you have an habit of being in debt, that is because that idea is berried in your subconscious mind. We want to replace that idea with its desirable opposite, which is a life of financial freedom and awareness. So you can create an affirmation such as

I am so happy and grateful now that I live a life of financial freedom, I attract money from various sources in a continuous basis and manage it in a responsible and satisfying way.

Or something similar that flows better for you.... notice that

In that affirmation there is no word DEBT why? because we want to replace the word debt from your subconscious mind with something DESIRABLE

Notice that there are no NEGATIVE words because we want to CREATE something.

You see, paradigms are not DESTROYED, they are CREATED, so we create what we frequently think about.


For most people its hard to make this change by themselves, that is why its important to have the help of a mentor or a Coach that will help you understand who you are and hold your hand and keep you accountable.