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How Much is Enough?

As we think about increasing results or getting more out of life, we could fall into the trap of thinking there is a limit to how much you can get. The limit is that which is set by your mind. The universe is opulent, it has enough of everything you will ever need and be able to utilize and some more. What I really believe is that there is everything for everyone if we actually believe.

My dear mentor and coach Bob Proctor taught me that what most people want, can fall into these three categories: Happiness Health, and Wealth. I fully subscribe to this, but how much of this is enough?

Look for Abundance…..

I looked up the word abundance in the dictionary and it is defined as “an extremely plentiful or over sufficient quantity or supply” which to me means more than enough, more than you can use in a lifetime. If you fall into the habit of thinking that the universe is abundant and that there is enough for everyone, you will move from the lack mindset to the abundance mindset. You will develop a belief that you can get all you can, as long as you align your thoughts, feelings, and action with that which you want.

How to be abundant

Abundance in whatever area of your life comes through an abundant mindset. You need to create that state of being so that you can become and live in abundance.

First, you decide what you want, how you want to live. Think of the income you would like to have to satisfy your wants (not your needs). To get to this amount, you might want to list several categories that cover your life at the moment and then decide in each category how much you would like to spend. Here are a few categories: Food, Clothes, Rent/Mortgage, Automobile, Utilities, Education (including personal development), Vacation, Recreation, Insurance, Savings, etc. In each category write the amount that would give the level of lifestyle you want.

Let's say in food, you tend to go for pizza and fast food because that is what is affordable to you, and say you spend about US$300 per month. But what you would really like is to be able to afford to eat in fine restaurants with your family and friends at least twice a week, and at home afford the best brand foods that can be purchased in the finest stores. See yourself having that lifestyle and find out how much would that cost you per month. This is the figure you write in food.

Let's says that you are now driving an old automobile and you would like a situation where you purchase your dream car from the stand and you trade every 2-3 years. How much would that cost you? Write down the figure.

Do that for every category you care about and arrive at the total which will be what you want as an income.

Create the belief of abundance

If you are not used to thinking that way, you might be shocked at the total amount you get, and fall into the trap of thinking that it's not possible. Know this. There are many people who are living that way today and in much higher levels than what you are wanting to be. These people in many cases did not inherit the money, they did not rob a bank, they created the habit of believing it is possible, developed their self-image to actually believe they deserve to leave that way and they started the process of programming their minds to live that way.

Programing the Mind

In my coaching program Thinking into Results, I take you through a process of learning how to re-program your mind so that you create new habits of thinking. The life you have now is based on the habitual way of thinking which you probably inherited from people around you, and you developed the belief that this is what is possible or this is your share from the universe. This is totally wrong.

You can create a new mental program to give you what you dare to dream, and you will watch your life skyrocket. Set up a 60 minutes complimentary coaching session so that I can explain to you how the coaching program can help you create the life you want. Click here and leave your details, and we will contact you.

I am going to be starting a study group around the book You were Born Rich from my mentor Bob Proctor. It this books and other similar that started my journey and of thousands of other people (if not millions) into an abundance mindset. The investment is very small and the potential to transform your life is limitless. You can find more information about the study group in our events section.

You see, it's all about the habit that we create...