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I am Grateful to be Me

Yesterday after I finished a coaching session with a client, I was particularly exhausted because prior to the session I delivered a webinar on self-image. In the midst of that exhaustion a strong sense of gratitude came to me in such a way that it never happened before.

Seizing the moment

Knowing that momentum is key to get things rolling, I immediately got a pen and a pad and decided to write down what I was grateful for. It was a long list and I wont bore you with it! Generally speaking, I am grateful for who I am, I am grateful for the way I look, I am grateful for my perfections, I am grateful for my imperfections, I am grateful for my friends, I am grateful for my fingers because they allow me to type easily, I am grateful for my family, I am grateful for my supporting half, Hamido, I am grateful for every person I meet through my coaching practice because their stories enrich my life, their insecurities make me see how strong I am, and I am even more grateful for the opportunity to turn their ideas into results, and show them how powerful they are.

Love yourself

The body we live in is the only one we can ever have. It will be the only one we can face the world with we can fix here and there, but that’s it. The body (our outside) and our soul/spirit (our inside) is what makes us unique. Lets embrace that uniqueness and everyday wake up and kiss it. Lets find joy and things to laugh about when we would rather have someone else s' lips or legs or torso; lets look at ourselves in the mirror and say I love you, you in the mirror, you are fantastic, and lets let that feeling grow and become our reality in such a way that the world sees it.

The world will love you back

Have you noticed that when you are particularly happy and smiling it seams like everyone else is smiling back at you? Have you noticed that, when you are kind and gentle, complicated issues seams to be less hard to deal with? Have you noticed that when you are grateful it seams like a rock is lifted from your heart?

When we love ourselves, the law of attraction puts people around us who are full of love to give (because we are already giving). You see, like attracts like

Don't wait to be loved. Love your self first and find good in everything around you. Start today. Right now, find 5 things that you love about yourself; find 5 good tings about your job or your business; find 5 good things about that person that right now is aggravating you. For some it will be easy, for others not so easy, but with practice you will get there.

The benefit is that you lift a burden from your shoulders and heart and you start living a life full of love and gratitude. That can only attract good.

To your success.

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