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Belief Takes you From Idea To Result

The desire to win is part of human DNA. We are inclined towards the idea of achieving more and to expand our life. Just like a baby - the baby’s goal its to walk, then run, then ride a bike, then……

If you don't have this desire, you probably gave up on yourself. You stopped believing that you can be more, do more and achieve more. With the knowledge and understanding, that can change, you can re-candle the fire of desire.

Why is Desire Important

Deciding on a goal happens at intellectual level, its an idea that comes to you and you decide to give if life. Your next step is to fall in love with that idea put yourself in a state that, you cannot not walk towards it because you live and breath for it – remember when you first fell in love? Did you not want to be with that person all the time, you saw the person everywhere, everything reminded you of the person and you could not, not see the person on that day? Your desire to see and be with the person was total. No one needed to remind you, nothing could stop you from walking toward that person. So you need to fall in love with your goal, at that level.

But here is the question, if everyone wants to win, why don’t they? Why is it that people set goal, they really want to achieve them, they take a few steps towards reaching the goal, they are all fire up and then it all fizzles out, like they lost the desire?

Believe and Succeed

I am sure you have heard of this phrase – believe and succeed, but what does it really mean? Napoleon Hill in his book Thing and Grow Rich says that the state of mind must be total belief, not mere hope or wish. So…

You have a goal, you want to have, be or do something. You create a strong desire for that thing. Then you must believe that you can achieve. Really believe. All the time! Its like the religious scriptures tell us “All things are possible for those who believe.” William James said, “Believe, and your belief will create the fact.”

Belief and Mental Programing

Our belief system is linked to our mental programing, we call that paradigm. The paradigm controls our behavior and it is the behavior that produces the result.

When we set a goal, a good goal, it’s usually (and it must be) something that is beyond our current experience, which means, it will be outside our habitual way of thinking and being. At a mental level, there is no program to run the set of behaviors you need to act in the way that will produce the result you want. Then your mind starts talking to you something like this.

  • Who are you to want that big…

  • Where will you find the money to…

  • What will people think of you?

  • No one in your family has ever ….

  • This is too big/too crazy people will…./you cannot….

Sounds familiar? Unbelief kicks in and the goal fizzles out if you don't know how to overcome this.

You can change the Mental Program

The little voice in your mind represents a thought patter that you have. It's a habit that you created. Since you created that one, you can create another that serves and supports you. One of our modules in Thinking into Results is about giving you the tools that will enable you to create a mental program that is aligned with the goal you want. In our free Webinar on 29 July, will share with you all the tricks that you can use to create that new mental toolbox.

Change you beliefs

You can re-evaluate your belief about whatever you want. When I am coaching, I find that if I challenge the belief, clients often re-evaluate the beliefs and start a new chain of thought that serves them better. Ask yourself, why do I believe that I cant? Why do I even bother about what will people think of me? Do they really have the time to think of what I am doing or not (the answer is they don’t) How do I know I don't have the capacity if I have not tried? ……. Challenge that chit chatter in your mind!

When you believe, your desired is fueled every day and you come to a point where that desire pushes you forward when you are feeling bitten, weak of failing. Its no longer you fueling the goal, it's the goal fueling you.

Isn’t that great?

Just believe