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Thoughts Become Things - Learn how

If you are interested in personal development, chances are that you will have heard that THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS.

Here I explain how.

Lets say that you your goal is to be in a romantic relationship, one that is of your liking, however you are at the moment alone, or your are stuck in a relationship which does not make you happy or is abusive. If you are working with me in as your Results Coach, I would encourage you to create an affirmation. It could be something like this “I am so happy and grateful now that I am enjoying a harmonious relationship, my partner and I are totally in love" - doesn’t that sound like a wonderful situation to be in? Well, if you embrace this affirmation—I mean really commit to it—you soon will be! Present-tense thinking has a profound effect on results. When you shift your thinking from “I want” or “I will” to “I am,” the universe shifts right along with you.

There is one catch, however. If you are frequently thinking of what is happening in your current relationship that is not pleasing or you are thinking of how bad it is to be alone, and you dread weekends because they are lonely, etc; you could have a problem making this affirmation work for you in the way it’s designed to. It isn’t the loneliness or the abuse itself that’s the problem; it’s the amount of mental energy you’re most likely expending on it.

How to get in to the harmonious relationship you want

Stop thinking and talking about what is NOW.

Its there, its happening now and you feel it in every cell of your being – that is called vibration. Now what you need to do, is to change the vibration you are in because your current vibration attracts that situation. Notice the drawing - thoughts create feelings and feelings create a vibration that make you act in a certain way; actions give you results (and the results are consistent with your thoughts).

What you must do is stop thinking about what is, and think about what you want.

Your want must be converted to IS

This is another catch you must watch - as far as your mind is concerned, if you tell it you WANT, it will always keep it in the WANT - meaning that you will NEVER get it. Your mind understand the present and the present IS. Therefore you must convert your WANT to IS. I am so happy and grateful NOW that I AM IN a harmonious relationship – makes sense? It will sound like a lie at the beginning but it’s a good idea to lie to your mind because the change you want happens in the subconscious mind and that part of your mind only understands the NOW language.

See yourself in the relationship you want and BE THE CHANGE

In addition to repeating the affirmation, visualize you in the relationship you want, feel it and live it (in your mind). Create a list of attributes that you would want your ideal partner to be or have and set about becoming that yourself because LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE. If you do this right and are in a relationship you don’t like, your partner will either exit or he/she will became what you are visualizing. 2 of my clients had this experience their abusive husband became gentle and loving.

If you are not in a relationship you will on time be in one, and the time it will take you don’t know, what I know for sure is that it will happen right on time, when you are ready to be in one.

This might sound strange as you want it right now, since last decade, however, on time might well be when you stop wanting and are in a state of total faith that it IS.

This works for any situation that you want to change, be it relationship, debt, getting in or out of a business, finding a job, etc.

If you decide to try this, share your experience with us on face book. It will enrich everyone.