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Happy new year - Its July, are we there yet?

Are you living your new year resolutions yet?

How much of what you decided you wanted to change in your life in 2017 is actually happening?

Its July already, you should be enjoying the benefits of your new you. If you are, congratulations, if your are not there yet, you could be thinking in reverse.

Thinking in Reverse?

Our mind needs to know the story of the future, what we are walking towards and not the story of the present. If you are looking at your bank balance, at your broken relationship, at your current situation and thinking – how can I change this? then I know for sure you are not there yet! and chances are that if you continue to think that way you may never get there with certainty.

Thinking the right way

If you are wanting to get better and improved results, you need to fill your mind with the right images, images of what you want. This means that you have to:

  1. Decide what you want. And not look at what you want to change (the problem)

  2. Write a statement indicating that you’re already in possession of your desire. And not be obsessed with what is not working (don't even try to fix it).

  3. Repeat the statement aloud several times a day with a strong feeling of gratitude. And really be grateful, this is most important, part - don't wait until its happened to give thanks. Give thanks now for the future blessing you desire.

  4. Expect to see the desire materialize in your physical world and have faith that it’s coming. Real faith, not mere wishing and hoping. You have to be able to enjoy it in your mind before you see it physically.

By repeating the statement in the present tense, you’re depositing an image of what you want in the treasury of your subconscious mind.

And by impressing that image with strong, positive feelings of gratitude (I’m so happy and grateful now that…), you are giving it the energy it needs to materialize. Your subconscious mind, then, does all the work. It rewires itself to the new images you created.

The beauty of this process is…

You don’t have to know how to get what you want, you just have to want it, I mean really want it to the point that you fantasize with it already happening. This is a feeling that you can create through reading and visualizing your goal.

This creates the feeling, and the feeling is what your subconscious mind needs to get you to act in that certainly that leads you to the results you want.

By thinking about what you want in the present tense, having positive feelings, and taking one step at a time (which is trusting the process), the “how” will take care of itself. The how is the work of the universe and you just have to follow your intuition and carefully implement the ideas as they come.

Your desire is your the moment it comes to you. If you nurture it with thoughts feeling emotion and a deep sense of gratitude, you are already making way for a physical materialization.

Gratitude movement

Joint our daily gratitude movement, each day come here and write 3 things that you are grateful for that you don't buy with money. Don't be grateful for the new pair of shoes you just bought, be grateful for how you feel great when you wear them or be grateful to have to feet to fit your new shoes on. Be grateful for the new (future) car your driving, whilst driving your current old car. Be grateful for being health, whilst in great pain. Be grateful for the sun that is shinning on you.

With gratitude and love