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The Power in Me

I was hovering around the internet looking for inspirational staff to motivate you, and I came across this poem that was written by a little girls called Samara (I really don't know her). Samara is only 8 years old, but the teaching in this poem are profound. I though I should share with you, not just to entertain you, but to get you to think, really think...

Are you aware of the ME power?

Are you using the ME power?

What you are achieving so far? does your ME reflect the power in you.....

When morning comes and the sun rises in the east, I think of the power in me. When I stand up for what is right and what I believe, It is because of the power in me.

No matter who it is or what they want me to do, I will stand up for my beliefs because of the power in me. When you are mad, sad or scared, What will help you through is the power in you.

That power comes straight from the heart. Believing is what creates the power in anybody. If you don’t believe in yourself, Then say good-bye to the power in you. When I go to sleep, before I close my eyes, I look at the sun setting in the west, And I thank God for giving me the power in me

Is this great or what....

You see, we can only achieve to the limit of our belief, that your belief is undermined by your self image and paradigm. That is why I am so committed to helping people create their powerful ME.

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