Life Coaching

The process of Life Coaching aims to help the Coachee (person being coached), o increase happiness, have a better balance and  increase results. We usually hear that happiness is a decision or is a choice, indeed it can be both however, the choice to put oneself in a state of happiness usually depends on beliefs and attitudes that are expressed and felt habitually.  Everything that happens is interpreted by the individual in a unique way, and that interpretation causes the person to express emotions.

Thus, in the context of Life Coaching sessions, the Coach starts by investigating and validating the current situation in which the Coachee is in the different areas of life, such as career, relationships, health, finances, family, love, among others.

The next phase we investigate values and beliefs, and identify the conditions that Coachee needs to see and feel in order to   feel fulfilled and happy, so that Coach and Coachee can work together towards achieving the desired result, based on clearly defined goals for  each area.

During the Life Coaching process, there may be some surprises, since the real blockages  are not always what the person thinks they are. Often the client realizes that the blockages are more emotionally based, based on past events that no longer apply, and yet control the person's results, conditioning them to a limited life with little perspective.


Life coaching puts everything into a perspective and frees the person to create a purposeful life with balance.



  • Clarity of purpose in life

  • Clearly defined goals

  • Transformation of limiting beliefs

  • Fears, limitations, re-signified

  • Improvement of self image

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