Executive Coaching

This is a process that involves a partnership between an organizational leader (responsible for the whole organization or a key area in the organization) and a Coach, built to deliver positive changes in the leader's behavior and performance so that gain greater ability to manage your organization's day-to-day business with greater impact.

The focus of Executive Coaching is usually centered on performance or organizational development, but it can also serve a personal component that is clearly linked to performance such as controlling emotions, developing relational skills, focusing on solutions, developing competencies, and strategies to achieve a desired position or state, career, etc.

In the Executive Coaching program we work with you in a practical and directed way, with a single objective: to increase your results in your professional performance.

The Coaching process allows you to more easily find perspectives and visions that, for the obvious reasons of who is performing your job, do not see it so easily.

During the Coaching process we will always and in a facilitating way develop action plans, introduce practical behavioural effectiveness tools and develop empowering thoughts that, when coupled with continuous follow-up work, will achieve results for your job or company that he never imagined reaching.

Typical clients of this program: Organizational leaders, Area Directors, Supervisors, aspiring managers, employees who are part of succession plans, individuals with ambitions to become leaders.

Benefits of Executive Coaching:


  • Greater self-confidence

  • Greater self-awareness

  • Greater self-control

  • Higher levels of empathy

  •  High levels of motivation

  • Greater relational skills

  • Increased leadership

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