Private one 

There are 3 ways you can work with us.


It's not only what we think we can do but don't do, it is also what we never thought we could do that contributes to our lack of advancement

Marta Madeira


Private one-to-one Life Coaching


Gain complete mind mastery 


Transform your life and create higher levels of satisfaction as you gain more clarity on the way you want to live the rest of your life.  In this process, I help you understand and resignify your current struggle.  We dive deep into the beliefs and values that undermine or support you, we set new goals, and help you create a new mindset that has you acting with clarity and on purpose. 

Whether you want to build more confidence, lose weight, stop overeating, stop overdrinking, stop procrastinating, stop hating yourself or others, lack the confidence to do what you want, I have you covered



Business Mindset Coaching


Thinking into Results

Do you want to create a business? or you need to unlock your potential to be an effective entrepreneur? or you simply would like to have a professional coach to support you in your days to day challenges as a manager of your own business? 


If you answer YES to any of the above questions, this program is for you.  READ MORE HERE or book a discovery session for more details

Carreer & Position Transition Coaching


One-to-One Carree Coaching

This package is ideal if you want to create a mindset for navigating the corporate world with more clarity, vision, and higher confidence.

Whether you wish to get coaching for specific work-related issues, relationships with colleagues, supervisors, and subordinates, or your are looking at positioning yourself for future leadership roles or you just took a new leadership role and you want to support, I have you covered.