Coaching is a process of human development supported by scientific methodologies, and involves various techniques to support the person to evolve from a situation of lacking resources (doubts, fear, blockages, limiting beliefs, etc.) to a resourceful situation (focused, motivated , with clarity, and living the desired life and circumstances, etc.).

Coaching focuses 100% on solutions, supporting the person to clearly define what they want, why they want, and with the help of the Coach to move from the idea / desire to, step by step, build the attractive future they want using their own resources and solutions, based on their values.  With a higher level of commitment from the Coachee (person being coached), a person can manifest quantum leaps in results.

In all Coaching sessions, regardless of their specialty and focus, we use precise tools based on Humanistic Methodology,.  The Humanistic Methodology sees the human being as a being equipped with desires, needs, experiences and emotions that make it unique. Our intervention, while focused on the objectives defined by the clients, during the journey towards the desired objectives, lead the client to carry out a profound internal transformation that culminates in higher levels of consciousness, which consequently leads to a greater impact in all areas of life thus contributing to happiness and results that last.

Coaching can be applied to individuals, and this aims to create individual development, as well as work teams, and here, the aim is to create better interaction, conflict resolution, ability to work together in harmony ... and manifest a profound change in culture.

Life Coaching

Transform your life and create higher levels of satisfaction as you gain more clarity on the way you want to live the rest of your live.  In this process we work with you towards helping you creating a life plan and taking the necessary steps to position you to achieve happiness.

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Business Coaching

Do you want to create a business? or you need to unlock your potential to be an effective entrepreneurs? or you simply would like to have a professional Coach to support you in your days to day challenges as manager of a SME, or a start-up?  If you answer YES to any of the above question, this service is for your.

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Executive Coaching

The corporate world seeks for leaders with vision and capacity to manage and lead team to execute the vision.  To be able to be an effective leader, one needs to exercise self leadership.  At MMCoaching, you ca help you develop a winning self image, increase confidence, map a leadership trajectory and develop the right competences to be a leader that delivers RESULTS!

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Team Coaching

Unleash the potential of your team, create harmony, better synergies and collaboration.  This creates the ability to generate higher results with reduced stress.

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