Business Coaching

Our model of  Business Coaching is focused on the area of ​​revenue generation through personal entrepreneurial ventures. MMCoaching's Business Coaching Package aims to support small and medium-sized entrepreneurs (or aspiring entrepreneurs) to make assertive decisions about the business.

 Our model also supports anyone who has or seeks an idea to turn it into a business. We act as an idea laboratory where you can safely generate ideals based on your passions and what is most important to you, so that during the process of implementing the idea, you  can have please and satisfaction, and not only at the success of the idea..

 Our method helps Coachee who is usually the owner / manager of the company to improve their performance to focus on what is most important to the business and provide positive impact while maintaining a balance between life and business.

In Business Coaching sessions, the Coach supports the entrepreneur / manager / owner to stay focused on creating a successful business. Guiding, assisting, measuring, motivating, encouraging and focusing the business on what is most important to the success of the business and free him/her that seeks to develop a broader market base, build stronger customer relationships, optimize resources and develop and coach a team in a timely and assertive manner.

Business coaching is also well-suited for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to generate ideas and immediately begin the process of turning that idea into results.

Some areas of business coaching are:


  • Define short, medium and long term objectives and targets;

  • Define strategies in the search of new markets

  • Create greater clarity of business mission;

  • Create greater understanding of company leaders on how to fulfill their roles;

  • Efficiently manage time to achieve greater results and quality of life;

  • Expand team leadership skills to achieve greater cohesion and cooperation;

  • Stay motivated and motivate employees for greater productivity;

  • Benefits associated with the results achieved.

 Benefits of Business Coaching

  • Alignment between ideas and actions

  • Develops Self-confidence in decision making;

  • Helps to prioritize risks and actions;

  • Create accountability and accountability;

  • Partnership to overcome doubting fears and limiting beliefs;

  • And much more

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