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Are you ready to transform your life?

I can coach you to 

Stop emotional sufering

Stop worrying

make decisions and take action,

Feel better

Create a purpose-filled life

and finally, start and grow your business

Transform your ideas into results

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feeling better than happy, more connected, less overwhelmed, and take consistent steps towards transforming your life inside out. 


That's what it feels like when there is clarity in your mind.


When you wake up every day, knowing that you have got your own back because you understand how to manage your own mind.

Are you ready to start transforming your ideas into results

your dreams into reality

your aspirations and desires into an ACTION PLAN?


Do you sometimes feel motivated and even determined to feel better and focus on changing your life?

But as soon as you go out to make things happen you feel confused, and wonder if you really know what to do, and sometimes if it's even the right thing to do and doubt and fear totally get hold of you? 

I've been there. So I know how it feels, and I also know that you don't have to stay there.  Many of my clients are living a different reality


It's not you, it's your mind.  Once you learn how to manage it, things start changing, you become clear and more confident to create your business, ask for that promotion, manage your weight, find and keep your soul mate, feel confident, relieve mental stress caused by repressing your inner being..!

I cal help you create what you want and much more


Either you take control of your mind or your mind will take control of you. It's that simple. 

That's how I went from total poverty to creating three successful companies in Mozambique, one of the poorest countries of the world.

Its not where you are or who you are, its your mind.  Come and master it.


How did I get here?

After watching the movie "The Secret" in 2007, I discovered that my life did not have to be what it was.

Up until then, I did not know that I could decide what I wanted and go get it.  I thought that I was pre-destined to the life I was having, although, at that time, I had already broken the bone of poverty and was much more successful than I ever thought I could.  Mom was absolutely mesmerized by my success, so were the rest of my siblings who were still struggling to get the very basic needs met.

Except that I was not!

I did not know how I got there, and I knew I wanted much more..


With the secret messing up with my mind, I took a Coach, Bob Proctor, and set to the road of success.  I quit my well-paid job, started an HR Consultancy company, I learned with him how to help other people do just that, and he certified me to facilitate his fantastic system Thinking into Results,  and I still wanted more.


I also wanted to be able to dive deep into people's emotions, and change their belief system and overcome their life adversity by completely mastering their mindset.  So I set on the path of learning to really Coach and was certified by the ICC - International  Coaching Community, as a Humanistic Coach by The More Institue, Germany, and as the Life Coach by The Life Coach School.

Throughout my journey, I have been helping people master their minds, change their belief systems, gain confidence and self-confidence.  Many have quit their jobs and started their own business, others have created different streams of income, others still, have lost weight, stopped overdrinking, purchased multiple homes, and much more.

You achieve what you want.

It's your life

It's my process and my confidence in supporting you in your fantastic journey

My Coaching credentials
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Lioness of Africa is a community passionate about women's entrepreneurship in Africa and supports the start-up dreams of all women in the continent.

What the media found out about me...
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Lioness of Africa is a community passionate about women's entrepreneurship in Africa and supports the start-up dreams of all women in the continent.


International on line publication that promotes female enterpreneurs


HuffPost is an American news and opinion website and blog that that features diverse topics on society

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